Krabi Lawyer: Property

Krabi is an extremely diverse city; its population contains a wide array of different ethnicities, races, cultures, religions, sexualities, and even different nationalities. It is not at all overpopulated, however – it simply offers a vast, breathtaking mix of different people.

Statistically speaking, about 75 percent of Krabi’s entire population is a Thai national, about 14 percent are of Chinese descent, and about 11 percent are made of up minorities – Indians, Europeans, Americans, et cetera. That is a wonderful mix of people to add a little spice to the flavor of life! It presents an exciting place to live if you are a foreigner considering either moving to Krabi, purchasing a second home there, or retiring in Krabi.

Like a lot of locations in Thailand, the predominant lifestyle in the city of Krabi is calm, cool, and laid back. Thai nationals in Krabi generally subscribe to the Live and Let Live philosophy of life and it shows in their behaviors. They are a serene and relaxed group, unhurried and completely at ease with themselves. As such, they are by and large at ease with foreigners as well. A notoriously friendly and welcoming group, they are completely amenable and happy to introduce foreigners to their lives, cultures, and habits.

At present, the real estate market is extraordinarily excellent, as is the economy in general. Houses and condominiums are available all over Krabi, and both of them are incredibly popular among foreigners and immigrants. Particularly in Krabi, it is possible to get a condominium with breathtaking scenic and urban views, as well as ones that are full of all the modern amenities you could ever want. Even though real estate prices are higher than they were last year in Thailand that mostly pertains to Thai Baht. The U.S. dollar is still fairly strong against the baht, and of course, the Euro is, which makes it entirely possible to purchase your dream property.

There is a wide, vast, and varied array of things to do and recreational activities to experience in Kabri. Hong Island is a limestone island with a beach and beautiful coral reefs. At Ao Nang Beach, there are sightseeing tours and boating activities. There is a lot of opportunity for canoeing in Kabri as well, especially on the beaches. Other recreational water activities include snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing, but if you prefer the land, you can go rock climbing on limestone cliffs. The Phi Phi Islands are also a popular destination for various activities.

There are dozens of top quality restaurants in Krabi, many of them specializing in local favorites. These include generally spicy foods; various curry such as coconut, yellow squid, patpong, keng kai, and chicken; and lemongrass soup. There are also several restaurants which offer Italian, French, Spanish, American, and other Asian cuisines, as well as other international fares.

Shopping in Krabi is the absolute best, with a little bit of everything and all kinds of different shops and stores. There are street vendors as well, which can be spontaneous and fun. Some of the most popular items sold in Krabi include antiques, gems, clothing, furniture, Nielloware – a Thai jewelry craft, it involves decorating silver and gold items with exquisite and delicate etches in different designs which are then inlaid with metal; orchids, a local floral specialty; pewter items; and silk.

It is extremely beneficial for foreigners to live in Krabi. Property values are affordable but prove to be great investments, the cost of living is low, and the landscape is utterly breathtaking. There are great opportunities for good jobs and investment and a wealth of property, houses, and condominiums for sale. The people are warm and welcoming, crime rates are low, literacy rates are high – what could be better?

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