Samui Lawyer: Where is Samui

Samui is an island, part of the province of the Surat Thani Province. It is located just off the east coast of the Kra Isthmus and it is quite close to the mainland town of Surat Thani. There is an international airport in Samui, which makes daily flights to and from Bangkok.

It has greatly benefited from the economic growth affecting the entire Kingdom of Thailand, so prosperity there is doubly easy to achieve. As such, it is an ideal place to live. It used to be a very self-contained community, and parts of that still exist, giving foreigners the opportunity to settle in a very diverse area.

The lifestyle in Samui is completely and utterly diverse – it practically fits the whole definition of diversity, which makes for a very interesting lifestyle. The town is completely dichotomous; there is a recognized “old side” of the island and a strictly defined “new side” of the island. The old side tends to hold the last vestiges of self-containment, but the result is by no means unpleasant. Living in the old section of Samui can provide a completely tranquil environment, one that is rich with the clinging remnants of a Thai culture nearly forgotten. It is a social community where neighbors still visit each other instead of texting. By striking contrast, the new side of the island is vibrant and electric. It does well in the tourist trade and it is completely modernized, making for a new, urban version of the traditional culture, just half an island away. The Samui real estate market is at present seeing a controlled boom. As mentioned, the nationwide economic explosion has influenced Samui tenfold. In Nathon, the capital of the old part of the island, it is possible to find traditional, old houses, terrific financial investments, not to mention beautiful examples of Asian architecture in general and Thai architecture in particular. With authentic and traditional cultures, a charming atmosphere, an enchantingly rustic location, and extraordinarily friendly locals and would be a wise choice to purchase Samui real estate and the opportunities to do so are aplenty. Samui is perfect for retirees, and it offers an ideal environment in which to start a family.

There are a great many beaches around the area, not to mention the fact that it is an island, so you are never far from the waterfront. Inherent with beaches are such recreational activities as swimming, water skiing, jet skiing, sailing, fishing, and playing sports on the beach. There is a mountain jungle to explore, and Muay Thai boxing matches frequently take place in nearby stadiums. There is also a gorgeous park, the Ang Thong National Marine Park. There are also various animal attractions, including such animals as crocodiles, monkeys, elephants, snakes, sea animals, and butterflies. In addition, every time there is a full moon, there is a full moon party in Ko Pha Ngan.

There are a wealth of utterly charming local shops located in the old section of Samui, featuring everything you could possibly want, whether it is clothing, fresh fish, fresh meats, fresh fruits, and vegetables, or local crafts. As well, there are a great many locally old eateries and restaurants, offering everything from international fare to Thai specialties and Samui specialties. Traveling is just a boat or a plane ride away, which leaves plenty of opportunities for dining and eating in bigger cities and towns.

The economy in Samui is absolutely booming. The cost of living is extraordinarily low, there is a lot of real estate available on the market and thanks to tourism, and there are tons of jobs available as well. Beyond that, any foreigner who enjoys peace, relaxation, tranquility, and the combination of a rustic island paradise and a modern thriving luxury town will adore living in Samui.

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